Ambassadors Theatre Seating Plan

The Ambassador’s Theatre is a lovely, intimate venue with fewer than five hundred seats arranged over two levels.

Your choice? Pick either stalls seating or dress circle seats – the boxes are no longer used as boxes. The stalls include rows B to R, around 18 seats wide at the most, while the circle above covers rows A to L, between 2 and 21 seats wide. The total capacity is 444 people. There are 26 steps down to the stalls and five to the sloping dress circle, with three steps between each row.

The relatively high stage means every seat at the Ambassadors delivers an excellent view and wherever you sit, you’ll be close enough to the stage to feel involved in the action. Perfect for enjoying a vivid, intimate theatrical experience, there are no pillars so no visual obstructions.

The circle overhangs the back of the stalls slightly but the effect is minor. And if you’re particularly tall, seats F12 and F13 in the dress circle have the most legroom. There is a very steep rake, so hang onto your hat if you feel funny about heights!